The LOOK Hotel, Red Hook

LOOK (noun) = the appearance of someone or something, especially as expressing a particular quality. 

LOOK (verb) = direct one's gaze toward someone or something or in a specified direction. 

LOOK hotels is a combination of these two definitions of the same word. We know that being away from home can be both exciting and unfamiliar and sometimes you need someone local who knows where, and what, to LOOK for while you make the neighborhood your temporary home. And because you have your own needs, your own personality, and your own LOOK, we tailor your experience with a personalized approach to travel, leisure, and hospitality. Slow down, don't rush, it's really beautiful around here if you stop to LOOK around.


A quintessential Brooklyn neighborhood.

Situated on the Brooklyn waterfront, Red Hook is a place full of character, where an old, industrial past meets a rich and vibrant present. Historic red brick factories have been converted into charming art galleries, boutique shops, and famous eateries, giving the former industrial buildings new life. At sunset, these relics – which now host a thriving night life – create a beautiful backdrop for strolls down the street, or in the parks along New York Bay.